Dale Wasserman

Dale Wasserman

Dale Wasserman has served the theatre for over 50 years. In earlier days he roamed America as a hobo, riding freight trains and thereby avoiding any formal education whatsoever. At nineteen he gravitated into the theatre where he cut his teeth on every conceivable job - stage manager, lighting designer, director and producer among them. At age 33 he walked off the Broadway musical he was directing, abruptly deciding to become a writer. Since then, he has produced a continuous body of work for the theatre, film and television. His MAN OF LA MANCHA was a multiple Tony-winner and among the longest-running Broadway musicals of all time. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, also a tony-winner, played to packed houses for 4 years in New York and 5 years in San Francisco leading, of course, to the famous film. Dale's many other credits include screenplays for
THE VIKINGS, CLEOPATRA and A WALK WITH OVE AND DEATH, as well as countless TV dramas. Most recently, his new play about Haiti, AN ENCHANTED LAND, had its premiere in London. Currently he has two new plays, BOY ON BLACKTOP ROAD and THE STALLION HOWL, both already scheduled for production. Mr. Waserman holds several Honorary Doctorates from universities and in terms of awards guesses that he has "maybe thirty or fifty," but habitually avoiding awards ceremonies he is not sure. Reclusive by nature, he and his wife, Martha Nelly Garza, make their home in Arizona.

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