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The Theatre Company has been providing quality costume rentals to happy clients across the country since 1975 for just about everything, but especially MUSICALS!

Our bustling southern California production facility is home to over 200,000 costumes and some of the most helpful staff in the industry, meaning we are big enough to help you dress a cast of thousands, yet friendly enough to take the time to help one actor with specific needs.

Hundreds of repeat customers already know that when they rent our costumes, we stand behind them with pride, advice, and confidence. We deliver what we promise.

If you are a theatre professional looking to rent costumes for a production and would like to learn more about how you can partner with our in-house Show Designers, visit us at or call us at (909) 982-5736.

No matter who you are, we are here to help you with any costuming need. We invite you to visit us and see costumes, meet staff, and experience for yourself the quality of service The Theatre Company offers.

Every show client works with a Theatre Company designer familiar with your show, who helps you with every step of the process – on the look of your show, on your schedule, on your budget, and on realizing your dreams.

Take the first step to joining The Theatre Company family by visiting our website @ to see more pictures, giving us a shout via email ( or phone (909) 982-5736.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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