Legally Blonde The Musical JR.

Legally Blonde The Musical JR.
Harvard's beloved blonde takes the stage by glittery pink storm in this fun and upbeat adaptation of the hit film and award-winning Broadway musical.

Based on the award-winning Broadway musical and the smash hit motion picture, Legally BlondeThe Musical JR. is a fabulously fun journey of self-empowerment and expanding horizons. The show's instantly recognizable songs are filled with humor, wit and sass — leaving cast members and audiences alike seeing pink!

Legally Blonde JR. follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. When Elle's boyfriend, Warner, dumps her and heads to Harvard, claiming she's not "serious" enough, Elle takes matters into her own hands, crafting a showy song-and-dance personal essay and charming her way into law school. Befriending classmate, Emmett, and spunky hairdresser, Paulette, along the way, Elle finds that books and looks aren't mutually exclusive.  As Elle begins outsmarting her peers, she realizes that law may be her natural calling after all.

Legally Blonde JR. features large, energetic dance numbers with an expandable cast of sorority sisters, law school students, hairdressers and more.

Concert Selections for Legally Blonde The Musical

MTI is pleased to provide the pre-approved rental materials of select songs for your symphonic concert performance. Please note, MTI is unable to grant the necessary Performance Rights with this material rental. The Performance Rights needed must be obtained separately through the individual song’s respective small rights agency such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. Please email with any questions.

    First Performance Fee:
    Each Additional Performance:
    Music by
    Laurence O'Keefe
    Nell Benjamin
    Lyrics by
    Laurence O'Keefe
    Nell Benjamin
    Arranged by
    James Sampliner & Alex Lacamoire
    Orchestrated by
    Christopher Jahnke
    show more...
    Arrangement Details
    Song Type: Show Extraction
    Starting Key
    Estimated duration
    5 min 47 sec
    (1x) FULL SCORE, (10x) VOCAL BOOK, (4x) REED 1 (Flute, Oboe/ALT. Clarinet, Piccolo, Alto Saxophone), (3x) REED 2 (Flute, Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone), (1x) TRUMPET 1, (1x) TRUMPET 2, (1x) TROMBONE, (3x) PERCUSSION (Timpani, Sleigh Bells, Small Triangle, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Crotales, Bell Tree, Tambourine), (1x) DRUMS (Drum Kit, Small Triangle), (1x) GUITAR (Electric), (2x) KEYBOARD 1 (Can also be used as a Piano/Conductor Score), (1x) KEYBOARD 2, (1x) KEYBOARD 3, (16x) VIOLIN, (1x) BASS (Electric)


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Changes in legally blonde jr

I would love to do this show, but my community is very religious and would not approve of taking the lords name or the bend and snap into. Would I be aloud to change that in any way?

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September 13, 2012
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Jump Ropes for Legally Blonde
We are performing Legally Blonde here in Indiana (Zionsville--very close to Indy) and have found a PHENOMINAL vendor for jump ropes!!!The folks at "" are attentive, friendly, and create a high quality CUSTOM COLOR product that works great for our inmates in Whipped Into Shape. Not only are their products great, but their customer service is incredible!!! They were able to ship me custom ropes overnight in a pinch!!!!Highly recommend them!!!
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