Disaster! the Musical Props and Puppets

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"All right now. Baby, it's all right now."

It's all right, GiGi's Workshop is your one-stop-shop for all your Disaster needs! This total package features everything thing you need to make your "Disaster!" perfect! Sharks, piranhas, rats...oh my!

My basic package includes:

  • 3 Piranha puppets
  • 1 royal blue tang puppet that gets eaten by piranhas
  • Ben/Lisa dummy
  • Man dummy (used as “Scott” and husband)
  • 2 shark fins that swim behind Tony during “Don’t Cry Out Loud”
  • Custom-designed “Baby”, Levora’s dog
  • Piranha-eaten hand
  • Piranha eaten skeleton
  • Two hands and foot for Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady 
  • Shark arms for Tony
  • Rat puppet 
  • Rat blanket that “eats” man
  • Ben/Lisa hands for When Will I Be Loved
  • rats for when door opens
  • fire for when door opens
  • two rats for attacking victim
  • rat attacking man…arm falls off (this will basically be a suit jacket someone wears and they run by pretending to be attacked by a rat and their arm falls off)
  • Lite Brite
  • Decapitated Betsy Wetsy doll
  • rats for wall of elevator
  • cotton candy for Levora to hide in

You can also add to the Basic package by making it Deluxe with any or all of the following additions:

  • Wheel of Doom, which represents bodies being tossed around as ship turns over 
  • Large shark head, this shark head appears as Tony is singing “Don’t Cry Out Loud”…it comes out and “ends” the scene
  • Hawaii Five-O slot machine and stand, this is the iconic machine in the show (only available for pick-up because I cannot ship this)

Contact me for prices and reserve yours today! https://gigisworkshop.com/contact