High School Musical

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  • Red Graduation CAP and GOWN
  • Wildcat Cheerleading Uniform
  • HSM Wildcat Track/Running Suit
  • Wildcat Track/Running Suit jacket

1 XL, 3 L, 10 M, and 1 S, red with white stripe and Wildcat Logo. Purchased from allsportsuniform.net at 65.99 per suit.
Will sale as a set for $500 OBO.

6 Women’s/Girls “Diva” Cheer Uniform
1 Girl Large
2 Women’s Small
2 Women’s Medium
1 Women’s Large
1 Girl Large
4 Women’s Medium
1 Women’s Large

Red & Silver pom poms 7 sets- used, 4 pairs- still in bag
Cheer Uniforms and pom poms sold as set- $200 OBO

11 RED Caps & Gowns (one size fits all)
Sold as Set for $100 OBO

Dotty Davis