High School Musical Costumes

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  • High School Musical costumes

ACD Sports has been providing brand new High School Musical costumes to schools, colleges and theaters since the first licensed show in 2006.  Our costumes are authentic athletic and cheer uniforms, not flimsy Halloween type costumes.  We have updated them to a little more modern cuts and fabrics over the years.  We personalize the costumes for your cast by letting you choose the names and numbers for the basketball jerseys.  

We offer a full line of costumes on our website at acdsports.com - basketball jerseys and shorts (single jerseys or reversibles), cheerleading outfits, poms and megaphones, warm up jackets and pants, tees, hoodies, caps, just about anything you want to create the Wildcats High School "look" on stage.  Because we sell to real high school sports teams, we can also offer custom athletic costumes such as East High soccer uniforms, baseball, etc.  We've done it before!

Our prices may be less than renting in many cases because you'll be keeping the costumes, not hurrying to send them back.  You'll have plenty of time to wear them before your show at promotional activities.  

Check out the website and email me if you have any questions!  Happy to help.  michelle@acdsports.com