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April 3, 2016
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Hi, I teach 7-12th grade, and want to perform Shrek next year can you tell me what wich show would be more beneficial for a smaller school? I was told that any Junior shows were only through ninth grade , is this correct? Also what does Tya mean, and would that be appropriate to perform in a school ?
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April 6, 2016

SHREK JUNIOR is a 60-minute version of the show that was developed for middle-school aged performers. There are small internal cuts and changes made to bring the running time down to 60 minutes, and all of the songs are set in keys for unchanged voices. For the Broadway Junior titles, state-accredited middle schools and elementary schools are granted special "flat rate contracts" that are valid for unlimited performances within one calendar year for one set fee. For these kinds of contracts, there is a stipulation that the entire cast must be in the 9th grade or under. Other schools and groups can do the Broadway Junior shows with a cast of age 18 or under, but they are licensed on a different kind of contract and must pay a per-performance royalty rate that is based on the ticket process and seating.

SHREK TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) is a 90-minute version of the show that was developed for adults to perform for children. All of the music is set in the same keys as the full-length version of the show. There are simply small internal cuts that have been made to bring the running time down to 90 minutes and work as a one-act show.

Your group could do either version. You may want to order and read perusals of both versions to determine which script would work best for your group.