When will the show be able to be ordered?

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July 29, 2020
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We are preparing for the new school year and really want to do Beetlejuice, but if it doesn't come out by the start of the school year we won't be able to perform it and it will be too late to change to another show. I am wondering if someone from the team could get back to me on an update (doesn't have to be a specific date and time, but at least a reconfirmation that it will be out by September/October. I read that the rights for the show were acquired last year and since the broadway one closed a couple of weeks ago I hope that this show will be available for purchasing and licensing for school performances.

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July 30, 2020

Hi Laura! The release date is still unknown. We are unfortunately unable to give more information at this time. To stay updated on its status, please click "Follow" on the show page. We are sorry to disapoint you but hope you will find another MTI show to your liking.