Dramatic Moments

Licensable versions of a scene and song designed to help study, rehearse, perform, and share. Includes a short script, sheet music, a piano accompaniment track and a virtual masterclass from the show’s authors.

Dramatic Moments


About Dramatic Moments


Dramatic MomentsTM are licensable versions of a single scene and song designed to help you study, rehearse, perform, and then share in the classroom, school web platforms, or on social media. Each Dramatic Moment includes a short script of the scene, sheet music, and a piano accompaniment track.

Including a 10-15 minute virtual masterclass from the show's authors, these Dramatic MomentsTM are a special opportunity to dig deeper into the works of the MTI catalog. Each virtual masterclass features video of the creators discussing the origins of the show, notable experiences and productions, and more behind-the-scenes insights. The authors go through the scene's journey, providing valuable tips and context to help you bring the scene to life.

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Virtual Masterclasses are pre-recorded.

Available in the US and Canada only.

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