Anthony Costanzo

Anthony Costanzo

Anthony is the composer and lyricist of the musical  'Life’s A Circus', which received 3 Green Room nominations (including Best New Australian Musical), 2 Pratt Prize shortlists, featured in Short, Sweet & Song and OzMade Musicals. In collaboration with book writer Peter Fitzpatrick and directed by Kris Stewart, the Australian Premiere production was staged in September 2009.

He has also written 'John & Sarah', 'Boxed In', 'The Effect of Alchemy', and 'Cross Roads'. Anthony studied piano and composition from the age of six. He furthered his skills at Monash University, majoring in Contemporary Piano, and Musical Theatre.

He has won numerous song competitions including: The International Year Of Tolerance, ASA National Songwriting Contest (1998, 2000, 2003).

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