Constantine Rousouli

Constantine Rousouli

Constantine Rousouliis not only one of the creators of this kooky, wacky, nostalgic new musical comedy, but he also originated the iconic role of Jack Dawson made famous by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. He was most recently seen in Cruel IntentionsOff Broadway as the suave and manipulative Sebastian Valmont. He also wrapped his first feature film as a supporting lead opposite Naomi Watts in a new Blumhouse movie calledThis is the Night.TV: AJ and the Queen (Jordan) 9-1-1 on Fox (Miles) The Other Two(Justin), Charmed(Hunter Caine), The Deuce, HBO (Felix Smash), How to be a Vampire, The CW (Gustav), Handy, Comedy Central (Phil Angie’s). PBS Special (Broadway at the White House).


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