George Reinblatt

George Reinblatt

George Reinblatt writes musicals and roast jokes (and yes… he is the only person who does both). George has written for multipleComedy Central Roasts including theRoasts of Justin Bieber, Bruce Willis, James Franco, and Rob Lowe. Other select television writing credits include: Roast Battle (Comedy Central),Roast Battle Canada (CTV), The Burn (Comedy Central),Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals (Comedy Central),NBC New Year’s Eve (NBC), Mr. D (CBC), Just For Laughs (CBC), The MuchMusic Video Awards (MUCH), and George also wrote a series of toothbrush commercials starring Kevin Hart (look them up on YouTube). George has written comedy for the likes of Steve Martin, Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, John Cleese, Kelly Ripa, Blake Griffin, Jewel, Steve-O, Joan Rivers, plus many more. And if that’s not enough, George also wrote the book, lyrics, and co-composed a cult musical where the audience gets drenched in blood (it’s Evil Dead The Musical, in case that wasn’t obvious).


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