Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Disaster! is pure maximalism – a big, old-fashioned musical with big numbers and big performances. A lot of the fun is in recognizing the '70s references, but even '80s babies like me will be swept up in the show’s energy."
– Entertainment Weekly

"Disaster! will provide a rush of giddy nostalgia...."
– The New York Times

"Put The Poseidon AdventureEarthquake and Airplane! in a blender; add 30 pop hits from the 1970s (such as “Hot Stuff” and “I Am Woman"), carefully chopped… add garish coloring, muddle with camp, and garnish with the kitschiest cocktail umbrella you can find. This is the recipe for Disaster!, a lovably scrappy and often deliciously silly jukebox-musical spoof."
– Time Out New York

"The funniest show in town - if only for a moment!"
– Reviewsgate, London

"A full run beckons... the show the show must surely come to London"
– BroadwayWorld