Audition Central: Captain Louie JR.

Script: Louie/Captain Louie


(LOUIE sighs, then takes a small, red plane out of his pocket and does some loops with it.)


(speaking to the plane)
Come on, Red. Let's go inside.

(LOUIE walks through a door into his room.)

Okay, what do you want to do?
(plane noise)
We've got to do something& We could go somewhere.
(plane noise)
I thought you'd like that. Where do you want to go?
(plane noise)
Home? But we are home.
(plane noise)
Oh, you mean the old place& Let's see what we can do.

(LOUIE opens a drawer and rummages around inside.)

There's got to be something in here. Ah. This'll do it!

(LOUIE pulls out a shoe box.)

What do you say?
(plane noise)

(LOUIE picks up the top of the shoe box. There is a hole in one end, and the other is covered with a purple cellophane gel. He looks through the box, allowing the audience to see the purple cellophane.)

This purple cellophane looks really cool.

(LOUIE pulls items out of the drawer, identifies them, and places them carefully into the shoe box. As LOUIE places each of the items into the box, we see a brief vignette, a memory of LOUIE's.)

This can be Amy's block.

(LOUIE places a cut-out of AMY's block into the shoe box. As he does, we see a scene from AMY's block.)



(waving to RED, who has been parked offstage)
Good job, Red. That was great. Right on target.

(LOUIE begins to check out the place.)

Yup, this is the old place, all right. It sure is great to be back. I've got to find some of the guys.

(LOUIE's voice echoes eerily.)


(offstage CHILD)
& erta& erta& ta& ta&




& iggee& iggee& ggee& eee




..chee?& chee?& eee?


Gee. I wonder where everyone is.

(BROOM (AMY) rises up. BROOM (AMY) points to LOUIE and whistles twice. LOUIE spins and runs toward the trash can, but BROOM (AMY) has ducked back down.)


(really scared, now)
I& I hope I'm in the right place. It's getting awfully spooky around here.