Rupert Sharp

Rupert Sharp

Amateur & School Licensing Consultant

Rupert’s involvement with amateur theatre started at primary school – Bethlehem Innkeeper in Yr 5, Mr Brownlow in Yr 6.

Being press-ganged into a local panto in his early teens resulted in him becoming a fully paid-up member of a thriving musical and drama society and involvement in countless musicals and plays both on and off the stage.

He started working  for Josef Weinberger Ltd. in 1986 after a few long years with a Life Insurance company.

Whilst treading the boards, scenery shifting and committee meetings are now a thing of the past, he gets much pleasure from seeing many shows that he and the team have licensed throughout the UK.

He was born and brought up in leafy Hertfordshire where he still lives with his family, none of whom act (even though his aunt trained at RADA).

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