Robin Ray

Robin Ray

Robin Ray (1935-1998) was an actor, musician and broadcaster, the son of comedian Ted Ray. Educated at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art,(RADA), he first appeared as a professional actor in 1960, then took up teaching drama, also at RADA. He married children's TV presenter, Susan Stranks.

In 1966, Ray resigned his post at RADA, and resumed his career in show business. His big break came with the popular BBC classical music series, FACE THE MUSIC, on which he appeared regularly. Ray's claim to fame was his ability to recognize pieces of piano music and name not only the piece and the composer but also the opus number. His cheerful manner and boyish good looks made him a great favorite with viewers, so that when the program ended its long run, he was invited to present other quiz programs, including MUSIC QUIZ, CALL MY BLUFF, and FILM BUFF OF THE YEAR.

In the early 1990s, he was one of the founders of the commercial classical music radio station, Classic FM, with which he remained associated until his untimely death.

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