Matthew Wilder

Matthew Wilder

Matthew Wilder has brought his versatile talents as a songwriter and award- winning producer to a wide variety of contemporary music and films. Launching his recording career as a songwriter and a performer, Matthew Wilder scored a worldwide hit with his single, Break My Stride from the Private I/Epic album “I Don't Speak The Language”. Wilder has become a top record producer, producing, among many others, No Doubt's hit album, “Tragic Kingdom”. “Tragic Kingdom” has sold more than twenty million copies worldwide and earned Wilder a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album.

As the composer, producer, singer and instrumentalist for Disney's 36th animated feature Mulan, Matthew Wilder won the Annie Award for Best Music in an Animated Feature and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Song and Best Score.  Wilder also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Score in a Comedy or Musical and another Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song.

Matthew Wilder's productions are known for his mastery of both the latest in digital technology and classical orchestration.  Having written and produced the score to Mulan, Wilder re-imagined Reflection, the heroine's yearning ballad originally performed in the film by Lea Salonga, for RCA recording artist, Christina Aquilera. Reflection became the first hit for Christina's debut album as well as the title track for her Grammy Award winning Latin debut, Mi Reflejo.

He wrote and produced the rousing finale, True To Your Heart for Stevie Wonder and 98 Degrees.  Wilder also brought his singing talent to the voice of Ling in "A Girl Worth Fighting For" and "I'll Make A Man Out Of You".

Continuing his success with Disney, Matthew Wilder has written, produced, performed and engineered both of the multi-platinum albums for Miley Cyrus and gone gold with Selena Gomez's debut album,  Kiss and Tell.  Wilder also wrote and produced songs for Miley's two films, Hannah Montana, Best Of Both Worlds and Hannah Montana, The Movie. 

Matthew Wilder has mentored and developed young artists. In recent years, developing, producing and upstreaming the bands, “The Belle Brigade” to Warner Bros. and “Fairground Saints” to Verve/Universal. 

Matthew Wilder's songs have been recorded by Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, Aaron Neville, Billy Ray Cyrus, Puff Daddy, Matisyahu, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Cliff, Christina Aquilera, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler and many more.


Matthew has composed the score to two new Broadway musicals called “Princesses”, which debuted at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater and “Cry To Heaven”, his musical adaptation of Anne Rice's novel, currently in development for its Broadway debut. 

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