E. Karl Gallmeyer

E. Karl Gallmeyer

Music Library Director

Through the past 25 years I have worn many hats at MTI, and now I work very hard to keep our library from running low so that you so that you will receive your scripts and music books when you need them. I can confirm that it's challenging, but rewarding work - thanks to our great customers! I have a passion for helping you explore your passion for musical theatre.

Raised in the motor city, I moved to NYC from Detroit, where I studied music at Wayne State University.

Prior to arriving in NYC and joining MTI, I spent several years traveling as an actor, singer, and musician, during which time I toured through Japan and Europe, and saw the USA, coast-to-coast, twice!

I am a member of the Dramatists Guild, and my original stage musicals have been produced in Michigan, New York and Connecticut.

These days, I continue to compose and arrange - for orchestra, dance band, choir, jazz band, and the theatre. I serve locally as an organist and choir director. I especially enjoy close-harmony singing and learning new musical instruments.

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