Jackie Trent

Jackie Trent

Jackie Trent, born Yvonne Burgess in Newcastle-under-Lyne September 6 1940.

Jackie appeared in the pantomime "BABES IN THE WOOD" at the age of ten, her professional career started five years later, several years of cabaret in Britain and around the world, two record companies and a string of televison appearances.

By the time Jackie met Tony Hatch she was already writing material for her own stage act.

In 1965 Jackie topped the charts with "Where Are You Now".

On Friday August 18th 1967, Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch were married in Kensington Registry Office, and officially became Mr. & Mrs. Music. Their recording of "The Two Of Us" was played at the wedding ceremony.

Over the years Jackie & Tony have written countless songs and have had their material recorded by Petula Clark, Scott Walker, Val Doonican, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, Des O'Connor, Shirley Bassey, Vikki Carr, Sammy Davis Jnr; and Dean Martin.

Around the late 60's Jackie toured in the musical "NELL" with Stuart Damon and Hermione Baddeley.

By the early 70's the couple were kept busy recording. They also wrote the score for the musical "ROCK NATIVITY" which toured the country.

They later re-located to Ireland and taped a series of shows for Irish television called "IT'S A MUSICAL WORLD", guests for the series included Vince Hill, Barbara Dickson, Johnny Logan and Elkie Brooks.

Jackie & Tony constantly toured Australia, each visit lasting several months, it came as no surprise when they moved there and made it their home for many years.

After leaving Australia they made their home in Spain but continued to spend time in London where they still have their music publishing company.

In 1995 Jackie and Tony appeared with Michael Aspel on "THIS IS YOUR LIFE".

By 1996 after almost thirty years of marriage, Jackie & Tony sadly parted.

Jackie then made a hugely successful return to the British stage when she toured with the musical "HIGH SOCIETY" playing every major theatre in the country.

Although Jackie was not currently recording, RPM Records and Sequel began to release compilation cd's of her back catalogue which were eagerly bought by her still loyal fans.

On August 28 in the year 2000, Sequel Records released Jackie's first ever 2cd set "THE PYE YEARS-WHERE ARE YOU NOW". This 50 track compilation includes some of Jackie's very best material. Her recording of the Scott Walker song "Such A Small Love" was a personal favourite of Jackie's father, and she was delighted to walk in on him one day and find him listening to it in the dark. For someone who was an opera buff this was indeed a compliment!

Future plans for Jackie, well she appears every year in Des Moines, Iowa for their annual telethon. She still continues to write songs, and has actually written some in Nashville with Roger Cook (of David & Jonathan and Blue Mink fame). To this day, Jackie still jets off to Australia where she works for up to three months at a time.

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