C.C. Courtney

C.C. Courtney

C. C. Courtney was born in north Louisiana but he never stayed there much, constantly moving around from age 5. He considers himself to be from New Orleans which he still loves beyond measure. When he was only 8 he started preaching at churches in the South. He entered college at the tender age of 15, receiving a degree in Economics. He stopped preaching at 16.

CC had started working in radio and TV when he was 14 and went at it full-time at age 16, working all over the US. He returned to New Orleans for a legendary 2 year stint where he not only dominated the airwaves but had his own rock band and appeared on stage with most music stars of the day, including the Beatles. In fact, it is said that CC is the most popular radio personality in the history of New Orleans radio. (click)

By chance, CC met the famous actor Steve McQueen who told him to go to New York immediately to study acting with Sanford Meisner. After only 2 years CC landed a principal role on an NBC soap opera, The Doctors. The show and CC's role were immense hits. He appeared on NYPD and several other series popular at the time.

At this time CC got into writing and had several shows produced in New York, best known being a rock musical, Salvation, the biggest off-Broadway hit of the year and from which there was a song,  Why Can't I Touch You,  (click)  that reached #4 on the charts. Later CC co-wrote  Earl of Ruston,  (click) which ran on Broadway.

Suddenly, in the midst of all this success, CC got married, moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains and had two children, a son Kat and a daughter Silver, whom he delivered. He continued to act, write and began to teach acting. He was guided in this process of learning to teach acting by Sanford Meisner.


Then he suddenly moved again, this time to Carmel, CA where he published and edited a trade magazine. CC received 21 gold records for his work in the music business.

Wanting to fill some holes in his knowledge, CC went back to the universities and received two Master of Fine Arts degrees, one in Directing under Barry Kyle, of the Royal Shakespeare Company. CC wrote several more plays, which have been produced at universities, by regional theater, and in various commercial venues.

Over the years, CC has continued to act, doing many plays from regional theatre to off-Broadway. He also acted in films, working with such famous directors as Louis Malle and Steven Soderbergh. He also did independent films.

Alongside his acting and writing career, CC has directed plays from university theatre to Broadway. For 30 years, CC has taught acting in private classes, at universities and for 8 years, at the Neighborhood Playhouse, where Sanford Meisner developed his technique. It was there that CC realized that teaching was his greatest gift. "Next to raising my children, teaching is the most important thing I've ever done."

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