Alison Allen-Gray

Alison Allen-Gray

Alison was brought up in the wilds of Suffolk, where an inspirational primary school teacher helped her to manage the interruption that school posed to the important business of having adventures. Whilst study for a degree in English and Drama Alison and her friends converted an old chapel into a performance venue and spent long summers doing children s shows and taking plays to the Edinburgh Fringe.

After university Alison co-founded a performing arts centre and co-wrote two children s musicals. She spent the next 10 years developing her acting career, performing in theatres all over the country, mainly in children s theatre. She continued her writing for children and her first picture book was shortlisted for The Children's Book Award. Since 1999 Alison has been working as a magazine editor which she says has taught her a thing or two about cutting!

Alison lives with her partner and her ginger cat and is interested in many things - almost anything in fact, except football and housework.

Her novel, Unique, has been shortlisted for the 2004 Booktrust Teenage Prize.

Her book Wildcat On Safari, has been adapted into a successful musical.

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