Resources Spotlight: Reference Recordings

Resources Spotlight: Reference Recordings

cd-covers-1When it comes to musical theatre, the words are only half the story.  Music-from huge ensemble numbers to the underscoring of a scene-is essential in revealing subtext, exploring other dimensions of a character, providing a scene with its own rhythm or momentum, and giving life to lyrics that are meant to be heard, not read flat on a page.  Consequently, it's just as important to consider the score of a show as well as its script when deciding on your next production.

But what if the show's cast album is difficult to find or out of print?  What if you're stuck with the album of the original version of a show, when you want to do the Junior or Kids version?  Or what if the show was never recorded at all?

MTI has the solution: a catalogue of Reference Recordings.  For a shipping and handling fee of $20, you can rent a CD of almost every MTI show.  Ranging from commercially available Original Broadway Cast Albums to demo recordings made by the authors themselves, a Reference Recording can turn that show you might like to do someday into the show you absolutely have to do now.

In keeping with its dedication to the next generation of theatre artists and fans, MTI has created Reference Recordings specifically for School Edition, Broadway Junior, and Kids Collection titles.  School Edition Reference Recordings-available for the School Editions of RENT, SWEENEY TODD, and AIDA, amongst others-are studio recordings of high school casts.  Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Reference Recordings go even further.  Like School Edition Recordings, Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Reference Recordings are studio recordings of middle or elementary school casts.  These unique recordings can introduce you to an unfamiliar Kids Collection title and demonstrate that sixteen year-olds really can tackle Sondheim.

The next time you're deciding on a production, simply turn to the MTI Reference Recording Catalogue and let the shows speak for themselves.

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