Kenosha theater director has students reaching for the stars

Kenosha theater director has students reaching for the stars

Matt Kulling of The Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin profiled teacher Holly Stanfield and her students as they prepare for the International Thespian Festival. Read the outstanding article below.

Photo credit Michael Sears

Watching Holly Stanfield guide actors and singers rehearsing "The Little Mermaid," it's easy to forget she's working with high schoolers.

When Stanfield calls out a number she wants rehearsed from a portable speaker, a countdown starts. There are no breaks, just breathers in between changing props, scenery and lights.

"You have 20 seconds to get the boat, props and get to your places for 'Kiss the Girl,'" Stanfield calls out. At the end of the countdown, students on the side of the stage whisper too loud.

"I don't hear quiet," Stanfield calls out.

Under Stanfield's leadership, the Kenosha Unified School District has developed a national reputation for its theater arts programming, a status underscored this week as Kenosha schools occupy two of the 11 main stage performance slots at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Neb.

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