From First Rehearsal to Opening Night: MTI Resources for Every Step

From First Rehearsal to Opening Night: MTI Resources for Every Step

When Jennifer Hemme of Green Valley High School (Henderson, NV) directed a pilot production of Matilda, she was given a special challenge: use MTI's Theatrical Resources for all stages of the production process. Hemme and her team stepped up to the plate!

Interactive Script Breakdown Powered by ProductionPro

During the pre-production stage, the Interactive Script Breakdown helped Hemme organize casting and ensured that the production team was on the same page, with everyone having access to shared design concepts and choreography.

"The ability to collaborate with the design team in one shared space has been incredible," noted Hemme. "I especially liked using the program during the audition and casting process. By tagging students and audition videos with potential character names, it gave me a visual reminder of who I was interested in."


For Rachel Farr, the production's choreographer, RehearScore® was an essential asset for keeping rehearsals on track since using the resource is like having a virtual rehearsal pianist to play the show's score in its entirety.

"The features like tempo adjustments, and the ability to jump to measures allows me as the choreographer to effectively run rehearsals in a far more efficient manner," said Farr.

Virtual Stage Management

All directors and stage managers know how hard it is to create a schedule that works for everyone. The Virtual Stage Management resource proved to be a lifesaver for Hemme and her students.

"The ability to schedule rehearsals and generate individualized rehearsal calendars with the click of a button is ideal, especially for busy students and parents that like to plan ahead," explained Hemme. "In addition, I ask students to enter their conflicts between the audition and performance dates upfront, so I can manage rehearsal schedules effectively, and by me, I really mean my student stage manager."

"When the time came, I was able to produce my show bill including all the necessary MTI info and the students' bios with a click of a button!" added Hemme. "What a time saver!"


Alice Ronconi, the Green Valley Theatre Administrative Assistant, was familiar with ShowTix4U prior to the Matilda pilot production. However, using the resource to run the box office for the show made her appreciate it even more.

"I started using ShowTix as a parent purchasing tickets almost 10 years ago," said Ronconi. "Making the switch to online ticketing was a blessing at the time, however, now as the administrative assistant and box office manager at the school, I'm even more grateful for its ease of use. The features in the new release are going to make it even better!"

"There's nothing like the ability to sell tickets in advance and save the long lines at the box office," said Hemme. "And with the new Showtix4u format, I was able to provide coupon codes, and made an extra $500 for free in advertising sales, and they did all the work!"


Customizable Show Posters and Artwork

Instead of having to design a show poster on top of everything else on her list, Hemme easily took care of it with help from Customizable Show Posters.

"I've created my own posters for years, but with the help of Subplot Studio, the show poster was done quickly, looked professional, and was so easy to use," explained Hemme. "I can't believe all the time I used to spend on show posters, and they still didn't look as professional as they did using Subplot Studio."

Scenic Projections

Hemme found the Scenic Projections Package to be a helpful asset for setting the stage (literally) for the show.

"The artists at Broadway Media Distributions were extremely helpful in making their artwork fit my show's concept," said Hemme. "They went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed to make the projections a success!"

Performance Accompaniment Recording

The Performance Accompaniment Recordings helped give student sound designer Bella Flosi a first look at technical theater while giving the production professional-grade backing tracks.

"The first time I heard the performance tracks, I was so excited," said Flosi. "They sound so full and the instruments so warm. I can't wait to hear the cast singing with them in the show!"

From auditions to opening night, MTI's resources are invaluable for your creative and production team members, as well as your performers.  Designed to eliminate any obstacles standing in the way of a fabulous production, if your theatre has the need, an MTI resource provides the solution.

Check out how MTI's Production Resources can help your next show!