Dot & the Kanagaroo JR. Now Available for Licensing

Dot & the Kanagaroo JR. Now Available for Licensing

MTI is thrilled to announce that Dot & the Kangaroo JR. is now available for licensing! 

Based on the 1899 novel of the same name, with music by Daniel Mertzlufft (Grumpy Monkey; Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical; Breathe), lyrics by Kate Leonard (Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical; Breathe) and libretto by Daniel Stoddart (JTF Australia Producer), Dot & the Kangaroo JR. will lead audiences on a beautiful journey into the world and spirit of Australia.

Young, rambunctious Dot longs for an adventure exploring everything the country has to offer. When she finds herself lost and afraid in the darkening Australian bush, Dot befriends a wise mother Kangaroo who enlists the help of Australia’s favorite bush creatures to help Dot find her way back home. A charming tale full of quirky Aussie-native characters, Dot & the Kangaroo JR. transforms the endearing story that transfixed generations past into a fresh, new adventure for generations to come.

Dot & the Kangaroo JR. features nods to many different musical styles, including jazzy gospel, hoedown and modern Broadway pop along with a large cast of colorful characters,” says Drew Cohen, President and CEO of Music Theatre International. “The show was featured at our Junior Theater Festivals’ New Works Showcase where it captivated audience members with its mix of warmth and humor.”

The journey to Dot becoming a Broadway Junior® musical began in January 2020 when Australian book writer Daniel Stoddart began writing a stage adaptation of the original children’s book. Daniel Stoddart had attended the Junior Theater Festival® in Atlanta, Georgia for many years, where he met and befriended composer Daniel Mertzlufft. Daniel M. and his writing partner, lyricist Kate Leonard, were thrilled at the idea of writing music for a brand-new show. They loved the animal characters, the story’s setting in the Australian bush, and the show’s themes – joy, love, and community.

Composer, Daniel Mertzlufft remarked, “I could not be more excited to finally share Dot & The Kangaroo JR. with the world! It’s been such a joy hearing our songs being performed by students in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. No matter their culture, they each brought their own point of view, and embraced this story in such a beautiful way. I cannot wait to continue to see groups experience this show that we simply adore so much, and hope to see as many productions as I can!”

“I am absolutely thrilled to see a truly Australian show included in the Broadway Junior collection, showcasing our unique Aussie characters and voices,” added Daniel Stoddart.

Dot & the Kangaroo JR. is based on the classic Australian children’s novel "Dot and the Kangaroo", by Ethel Pedley, originally published in 1899. That beloved book became a cultural phenomenon which led to many more stories, including films and television specials where Dot has adventures with whales and koalas, and even goes to space!

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