Cry-Baby. Too Cool For School. Perfect for Your Stage.

Cry-Baby. Too Cool For School. Perfect for Your Stage.

Jam-packed with rebellious youths, juvenile delinquents, a hilarious book, and an infectiously cool score, Cry-Baby has it all! This 2008 Tony-nominated musical (based on John Water's cult-classic film) features a score by Adam Schlesinger and David Javerbaum and a book by Thomas Meehan and Mark O'Donnell. It recently returned to rave reviews at the New Line Theatre in St. Louis, MO, where it had previously enjoyed a successful regional premiere back in 2012. The production has critic's raving:

"...Cry-Baby is one of the most flat-out entertaining musicals you're ever likely to see." The Riverfront Times

To toast this celebrated production we invite you to explore even more critical praise, listen to the studio cast recording, and read the script FOR FREE. Dive in and discover why Cry-Baby is the perfect show to bring to your stage this season. After reading these reviews, you may question why you haven't already booked this sure-fire, subversive hit musical.

Critical Reaction to New Line Theatre's Cry-Baby

“I think it's important to mention upfront that New Line Theatre's current production of Cry-Baby is one of the most flat-out entertaining musicals you're ever likely to see. In fact, it's such a rambunctious good time that it's easy to overlook its sharper points about the dangers of blindly following the rules, the perils of failing to question why things are the way they are and the absolute mortal peril of settling for a stable sort of unhappiness when you could have true joy. That's a great deal of very serious subtext for a show that is essentially about a greaser and a good boy fighting over the same girl. New Line Theatre has been doing this exact sort of musical for 29 years, and if you think co-directors Scott Miller and Mike Dowdy-Windsor can't hide any number of satirical razor blades inside a delicious caramel apple, you haven't been paying attention. New Line's Cry-Baby is as intelligent as it is beautiful.” – Paul Friswold, The Riverfront Times

“Drop everything and go see New Line Theatre's return to Cry-Baby, the unmistakably John Waters musical, for a prime example of something that's vastly improved with age. . . This new production is a pitch-perfect comedy from start to finish. It ripples with laughter and pulses with exciting songs. . . Somehow, all the subtle cues of a John Waters film are lovingly reincarnated into this grand stage production.” – Richard Green, TalkinBroadway

“Despite its slyly simplistic conflict and Happy Days vibe you may find yourself pondering the surprising depth of this show long after you’ve left the Marcelle Theatre in Grand Center. That squeaky clean veneer hides a relevant allegory of modern America, where the truth is obscured at all cost, where people who are a little different from the accepted norm are marginalized or shunned, and where the worst offenders are the ones who have claimed responsibility for upholding and protecting the moral fabric of our neighborhoods, our cities, our states and our nation, for protecting the truths we hold self-evident while doing everything they can to deny some slice of the great American pie chart their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Look at those people through the Cry-Baby lens and you’ll realize just how many Baldwin Blandishes there are in positions of power, and how exceedingly rare a Wade Walker-style rebel truly is. I bet most folks think John Waters is just a dapper fellow with a pencil-thin mustache who writes funny little films, but don’t let him fool you. He knows. He deftly painted the fundamental truth of his tale over with broad strokes of comedy, knowing that most people will be satisfied with a few good laughs and a happy ending. I think he also invites you to look deeper, if you dare. Look no further to see for yourself why New Line Theatre’s presentation of Cry-Baby should not be missed, whether you’re a contented theatre fan or a dedicate truth-seeker.” – Jeff Ritter, Critical Blast

“High-spirited and hilariously engaging . . . Cry-Baby rocks. Directors Scott Miller​ and Mike Dowdy-Windsor​ apply the trademark, lightheartedly irreverent New Line touch to the show, which the company first produced in 2012. And they elicit spot-on performances — particularly from Caleb Miofsky​ and Grace Langford​, who play off each other wonderfully. Also contributing significantly to the show’s success are the choreography by Michelle Sauer​ and the music direction by Nicolas Valdez​ and Marc Vincent​. Some musicals enter the theatrical canon — a shortlist might include Cabaret, Oklahoma! and West Side Story. Others merely aspire to leave audiences smiling, and on that level Cry-Baby the Musical​ delivers.” – Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“New Line Theatre brings John Waters’ quirkily appealing movie from screen to stage in an energetic production that features a clash between cultures – social and musical – that points out, in not so subtle ways, that the more things change, the more things stay the same. The production bristles with energy and hormonal frenzy that’s played for laughs, but delivers plenty of commentary on everything from classism to our definition of beauty.” – Tina Farmer, KDHX

“New Line Theatre gets its 29th season of adult, alternative musical theatre off to a smart, high-stepping start with the return of its delightful 2012 regional premiere of the rockabilly musical, Cry-Baby. . . Fast times in Baltimore and the clashing of cultures rule the day in this high-spirited, joyful romp of a musical. You’ll shed nary a tear for Cry-Baby but likely instead laugh and tap along in unison with its appealing music.” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“Once again, directors Scott Miller and Mike Dowdy-Windsor have put together a youthful cast that sparkles with energy as they sing and dance their way through one hilarious song after another. The last time that New Line staged Cry-Baby in 2012, I wrote that you’ll laugh too hard to catch all the clever lyrics. That’s still true. . . . If you go for smart fun with a contemporary edge, this is the musical for you.” – Judy Newmark, All the World’s a Stage

“A rousing, fun new production. It’s one of those shows that seems made for this company, and the excellent cast of veteran New Liners and talented newcomers makes the most of every moment. . . .Overall, this is a great looking and sounding show with a satirically upbeat 50s flavor and broadly comic tone. With some truly great performances and a memorable score, Cry-Baby is a hit. It’s another example of a show that works better at New Line than it probably would on Broadway. It’s also (if I haven’t mentioned this before) a whole lot of fun!” – Michelle Kenyon, Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts

Cry-Baby offers a fresh take on the cult classic film that translates wonderfully to the musical stage. Directors Scott Miller and Mike Dowdy-Windsor do what they do best, and breathe fresh life into a show that was taken from Broadway far too soon. The show will have you laughing non-stop, with terrific performances and great songs that are sure to stick in your head.” – Kevin Brackett, ReviewSTL


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