Frozen Jr. Costumes, Props, Sets for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Frozen Jr. Costumes, Props, and Sets for rent in Los Angeles, CA

Due to rising transportation costs we can no longer ship costumes cost effectively out of the state of California. For an optional extra fee we can deliver and pick up items within a 20 mile radius of Pomona, CA. We usually do two week rentals and ask $50-$100 for lead and principal looks (top, bottom, accessories) and $15-25 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300 each. Please email a detailed list of items you need for the best price quote possible. Contact Kristina Keener Ivy at 626-675-4439 or See photos at

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We have the following items available:


Little Elsa (child s-l) white gown with blue over skirt & corset

Little Anna (child s-l) white gown with green over skirt & corset

Middle Elsa (child m-l) blue winter dress with black gloves

Middle Anna (child s-m) green gown costume & black hooded cape

Elsa (adult s-m) tear away coronation gown & cape, blue gown, blue pant outfit from Frozen 2 movie

Anna (adult s-l) green coronation gown, maroon hood outfit, frozen marron hood outfit, pant suit with black cape from Frozen 2 movie

King (adult m-xl) blue velvet jacket, white puff shirt, gold and blue vest, blue pants, red sash, crown and pinned medals, optional tall boots

Queen (adult s-m) blue gown, purple cape, black gloves, small crown, optional light up necklace

Hans (adult m-l) white jacket, vest, white shirt, neckerchief, black pants, gray winter jacket, optional boots

Duke of Weselton (adult s-l) black jacket with gold shoulder pads, black pants, belt, red sash, red cape, optional boots

Duchess of Weselton (adult s-m) black gown, petticoat, red sash, red cape

Kristoff (adult s-xl) gray shirt, blue vest trimmed with fur, blue pants, hat, gloves, satchel, optional boots

Sven (adult s-l) fur reindeer body, head with antlers, hand hooves and hoof boots size 13

Olaf (adult s-l) WE RENTED THE PUPPET FROM STAGE MONKEY – performer’s costume white hat, white vest with fur collar, brown shirt, brown pants

Pabbie & Bulda (all sizes) brown skirt or pants, brown shirt, fur cape, large hat, gray mask, optional light up gloves and light up necklaces, large walking stick

Oaken (all sizes) plaid pants or skirt outfit, large petticoat, fur vest. Does not include the hats or scarves.

Bishop (all sizes) white gown, red and gold overlay, white hat

Baby Olaf (child s-m) Olaf head and body, brown shirt with white pants, brown gloves

10 Arendelle Maids (all sizes) white long sleeve shirt, black skirt, purple apron with logo, white headband

2 Arendelle Cooks (all sizes) white chef coat with logo, black pants, chef hat

(we have many more maids and chef costumes, but they don’t have the Arendelle logo)

3 Guards (child s-l) black foam armor with helmets and red capes, 2 optional purple capes, leg guards and arm guards, pants not included

(we have adult sized knight costumes as well but they don’t have the Arendelle logo)

90+ Townspeople (all sizes- male & female) pants, skirt, shirts, vest, corsets, belts, scarves, hats, flower crowns

Elsa’s Dancers (all sizes) various white dance costumes

14 Oaken’s Family (females only all adult sizes) plaid dresses, white lace apron, corsets, large petticoats (hats, gloves, scarves not included)

10 In Summer Dancers (female only adult sizes) red skirt, white sailor shirt with red collar, white pantaloons, 4 red flop hats, 6 foam boater hats

20 In Summer Seagulls (all sizes) white feather pants, white feather shirts, red and white stripped shirt, seagull hats

4 In Summer Child Snowmen Dancers (child s-l) white long sleeve tutu outfit with black yarn ball buttons, small snowman hat on headbands, red scarves

90+ Trolls (all sizes) brown or black pants, brown or black shirts, fur vest or poncho with leaves, gray masks with ears and yarn

Joan of Arc (all sizes) knight costume

Napoleon (child m-adult s) red jacket, tricorn hat, white shirt

Our performers supplied their own winter accessories (hats, scarves, mittens/gloves)



2 Twin bed frames (does not include mattress or pillows)

Large Elsa/Anna door on 4x4 rolling platform

2 rolling picture frames from Joan & Napoleon

6 benches for coronation (each one 8 feet long)

1 rolling cart (used for Oaken)

1 rolling wagon

1 fireplace with grate and light up logs

2 4x8 rolling platforms

1 red chaise couch

1 large rolling industrial staircase for Elsa



15 Arendelle Flags

15 Arendelle ribbon sticks

90+ flower crowns

Small tricycle

2 quilts

1 trunk

10+ swords

5+ lanterns

20+ food trays

100 foam plates

3 feather dusters

1 wooden bucket

1 Elsa handcuffs

1 coronation scepter

1 golden coronation ball

Oaken Merchandise and 2 signs

3 blow up animal rings

5 red and white beach balls


If you need anything not listed here please ask.

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