Aladdin Costumes & Props for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We are a non-profit located in Los Angeles, CA and are willing to work with all budgets. Here is a SHORT list of the items we have for rent for Aladdin. We usually rent in two week blocks and ask $75-$150 for leads and $15-$30 for minor characters. Props are $5-$40. To get the best price possible please email a detailed list of items you need.

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Contact Kristina Keener Ivy for more details (amounts and sizes) at 626-675-4439 or



Aladdin – Rich Costume (fancy hat, fancy white shirt, red belt, fancy shoes) size s-m

Aladdin – Poor Costume (red fez hat, peasant white shirt, purple vest, white poof pants) size s-m

Princess Jasmine – Sari costume, head jewelry, bracelets, blue cape (no wig included)

Genie – male genie adult Large -blue embroidered vest, blue puff pants, blue shirt, red sash belt, gold cuffs, girl Genie blue sari costume s-l

Jafar – adult XL black cape outfit and hat

Sultan - Male medium/large – Turban hat, fancy shirt, satin pants, Female pink gown with head scarf and crown

Abu - small kid size, monkey costume, small fez hat, poor vest, rich vest

Iago - Female small size, red sequin tank top, red skirt, red cloth feather wings, small hat, male - red pants, red shirt, red wings

Rajah – S-M child & adult tiger costume

6 Harem Girls - size 4 small 2 medium Belly dancer costumes

Razoul medium or large, black and gold guard costume, hat

Magic Carpet Costume – blue carpet, gold hat 

60+ Townspeople  - small to medium size, long shirt, pants, hats, scarf belts

3 Princes - various sizes as needed

50 Gold "I dream of Genie" costumes for Friend Like Me - puff pants, genie hats (shirts not included)

10 Guards - black robe costume with gold belt and gold hat



Rolling Magic Carpet (4' wide x 6' long x 3' high) fits two performers matches the carpet costume

10 Swords

Genie Lamp

Quill Pen

Aladdin’s satchel

Jafar's Staff

Treasure for inside the cave of wonders

Marketplace carts & baskets

Prince Ali flags on tall poles

Bird in cage

small rickshaw

Plastic columns and archways for palace interior

Old timey suitcase



40'wx20'h backdrops

Palace Interior

Jasmine's room interior

Cave of wonders interior


Elephant, Cave of Wonders Mouth, Sultan's Chair are no longer available.