Beauty & the Beast Costumes, Props, Sets for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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We are a non-profit in Los Angeles, CA. We can ship costumes and props, but sets must be picked up in San Dimas, CA. We usually ask $150 for lead looks (top, bottom, wig, accessories) and $25-$75 for minor character costumes per two week blocks, but are willing to work with your budget. Sets are $100-$300. Please email with a list of items you are requesting for best price quote. Contact us for availability. Top Billing Entertainment 626-675-4439 

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2 Blue Velvet Princes size m-xl (Blue Velvet Jacket with Gold Trim, White Puff Shirt, Blue Pantaloons, Black Boots - one white lace collar and bow)

1 2017 Movie Prince Blue Costume size L

1 Beast Costume size m-xl - Purple cape, white puff shirt, black pants, black boots, beast hands

2 Beast Masks, hands & tails

Belle size s-m- 1) Blue Villager costume (blue skirt, white shirt, blue corset, white apron, optional wig) 2) Pink gown 3)Yellow gown 4) Velvet cape wine color 5) White wedding gown


Mrs. Potts size m-xl Enchanted costume tea pot with tea pot hat & Human costume skirt, purple top and mop hat, optional wig

Lumiere size m-xl Enchanted costume jacket, pants, gold boot covers, candle hands, candle wig & Human costume same outfit with white powder wig

Cosgworth size m-xl Enchanted costume brown jacket, brown pants, clock body (removable winding handle), clock hat & Human costume same outfit plus white shirt and optional wig

Babette size s-m Enchanted costume feather duster outfit (we have two one is more conservative black and white with a long sleeve jacket and one is a black and gold sequin dress with feathers on the bottom) hat, black gloves with feather duster hands, small white apron & Human costume (we have two french maid outfit with mop hat & longer conservative black dress with apron & mop hat)

Madame de la Grande Bouche Wardrobe size m-xl Enchanted costume large wardrobe with drawers that open & tall white wig only fits people 5'7" and taller & Human costume matching gown

Gaston size m-xl & XXL - red tunic, yellow shirt, brown pants, boots, wig, hand cuffs, yellow & white cape

La Fou size m-xxl - jacket, puff shirt, vest, pantaloons, boots, optional wig

Monsieur D'Arque size m-xl - Gray jacket, gray top hat, puff shirt, black pants

Maurice size s-xl - Brown cape, vest, white puff shirt, pants

4 Silly Girls size s-xl - skirt, shirt, corset, optional curly wigs

Chip size child s-l (we have two) rolling cart with blue table cloth and chip cup, light chip cup that is worn on the head with black shirt and pants

Enchantress - Green cape, ugly mask, gown with long skirt for flying or regular gown


Villagers - various costumes, baker, bookseller, dresses, vests, pantaloons, shirts, hats, and aprons for children through adults

Sheep - 15 costumes for children size xs-xl

Gaston Tavern Dancers - 12 tavern girls with dancer skirts, ruffle shirts & corsets size s-xl, 10 tavern men with puff shirts, vests, pantaloons or puff pants

8 Wolves - masks, hands, fur ponchos

Enchanted Costumes:

3 Gargoyles - masks, armor sizes s-l

1 Red Carpet - size s-xl

1 Salt size s-l

1 Pepper size s-l

1 Cheese Grater size s-l

10 Small Cups similar to chip but different designs for kids sizes s-m

8 Menus - 1 that opens with a menu with gold beret hats

10 Small Plates (2' wide) worn with white chef coats, gold puff pants & gold beret hats sizes s-m

10 Small Lumieres – gold chorus line costumes with gold berets and small candle hands size s-m

5 Large Plates (5' wide) with matching flower dress sizes s-l

15 Black & White Napkin Maids – gold napkin ring belts, dresses sizes s-xl

6 Pink Napkin Can-Can Dancers – gold napkin ring belts, dresses sizes xl-m

4 Green Flower Pot Dancers – flower pot head pieces, green dresses, large petticoats sizes s-l

Silverware 4 spoons, 4 knives, 4 forks – blue or green metallic vests, white long sleeve t-shirts, gold puff pants


Magic mirror that lights up

Rose under glass, full rose for act 1, rose with pedals off for act 2

Maurice’s machine adult tricycle

Gaston’s gun & rubber yellow duct in burlap bag

50 plastic silver mugs

Gaston’s leather chair

Various benches, tables, chairs, and tavern accessories (pitchers, plates, food)

Books & rolling table

Wooden wheel barrow

Viking helmet

2 Formal Chairs

Various baskets, books, fake food for villagers

Large book on podium that lights up for narrators


Gaston’s tavern backdrop 20’x 20’

2 Library flats 4’x10’

2 Stained Glass Castle Flats 4’ x 10’

Half crescent well bench 4’ x 2’

Faux marble pillar for rose 4’ high x 2’ x 2’

2 Large Castle Doors

Beast Fireplace with electric fire logs

Beast Side Chair (red leather with gold trim)

Belle’s House

1 Village House