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Here at The Costumer, we have over 150,000 stage-ready rental costumes and with a collection like that we can costume almost any show! Visit our website and view the list of over 400 shows that we are ready to costume as well as pictures and descriptions for many of the shows.

How to get started? We offer FREE plot packets for many of MTI’s shows including Mamma Mia. Each plot packet includes:

  • A complete scene-by-scene description of all the costumes needed for each of the characters in the show.
  • Measurement sheets and easy-to-follow measurement instructions.
  • Directions for using our Director’s Edge Web Portal which allows you to easily order your rental costumes online.
  • Information on our fantastic Rental Discount Program offering you up to 15% off your costume rental bill.
  • Details on our unique Rebate Program offering you earned savings that can be used towards next year’s show.
  • Notes on any Special Requirements and helpful hints on various shows, e.g., stilts for “Barnum” or flying harness for “Peter Pan.”
  • A Price List of all the costumes available for your show.
  • Information on Individual Makeup Kits from both Ben Nye and Mehron as well as character-specific makeup.
  • Suggested sales items to help you check off your prop list.

Request your FREE plot information packet by:
Phone: 1-866-374-7442
Fax: 1-518-374-0087

If you need help costuming your show or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our costume hotline toll-free at 1-866-374-7442 offering you FREE assistance from 8:30 AM. To 5:00 P.M. EST Monday – Friday. 

Did you know that we can assist with accessories, props, hair, shoes, and much more? Email your prop list to or call a sales specialist at 1-877-218-1289.