Sets for Beauty and the Beast

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The set includes the following pieces:
-- A 40' wide multi-level castle set. The height varies by section from 13' 6" to 17'. Set levels include the West Wing (stage R, 9' high), a central landing (stage C, 2' high), and a library (stage L, 5' 6" high). The set includes connecting stairs, as well as escape stairs (stage L and stage R). The castle walls are painted in a base medium blue, with gold trim around two sets of cathedral-style windows. There are numerous decorations, including baroque wall finishings, portraits and sconces
-- A large painted town "drop", measuring 36' wide and 18' high. It is composed of a row of three lightweight 8' x 12' flats below with a row of six lightweight 10' x 6' flats above
-- A large painted tavern "drop", measuring 20' wide by 12' tall, It is composed of two lightweight 12' x 8' flats and one lightweight 12' x 4' flat
-- A wheeled cart, carrying Maurice's invention
-- A wheeled cart for Chip, including a teacup
-- A hand-operated enchanted rose puppet, allowing petals to be released individually
-- A town fountain, approximately 6' wide and 4' tall
-- A 12' x 2' banquet table (30" high)
-- various other pieces, including tables for the tavern and wooden boxes

The set comes with a full set of props for the show. Details upon request.

Both the set and the props are available for rent or sale, either in whole or in subsets or as individual pieces. All are in the final stages of construction/development now, will be available as of 29 July. Pictures will be added when all are complete.