AVENUE Q Professional Quality Puppets for Rent

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Swazzle offers a full set of rental puppets for productions of Avenue Q and Avenue Q: School Edition. Included in the set are 24 individual puppets. Several puppets are duplicates of the principal characters in different costumes. Swazzle's puppets were built by professional puppet builders.

Specific looks and costumes may vary.

Swazzle's Avenue Q puppets travel in two 4' x 2' x 2' flyweight road cases.

We understand that theaters and schools have limited budgets for their theatrical productions therefore our puppets are competitively priced. 

For pricing and availability, please copy and paste the following link and fill out the form: 


For further questions, please email us directly at contact@swazzle.com.

Nation wide shipping is available. Local pick-up is available for venues in Northern California.

Complete list of rental puppets:

  • Princeton graduation outfit/naked
  • Princeton sweater vest
  • Princeton robe
  • Princeton wedding outfit
  • Kate Monster conservative outfit
  • Kate Monster wedding outfit
  • Kate Monster naked
  • Nicky normal outfit with hoodie
  • Nicky pajamas
  • Nicky wedding outfit
  • Rod suit
  • Rod pajamas
  • Rod wedding outfit
  • Trekkie Monster 1
  • Trekkie Monster 2
  • Lucy performance outfit
  • Lucy normal outfit
  • Lucy Princeton’s robe
  • Lucy conservative outfit
  • Bad Idea Bear blue
  • Bad Idea Bear yellow
  • Mrs. Thistle/Butz
  • Ricky
  • Newcomer

Partial Client List

Children's Musical Theater (San Jose, CA), Calabasas High School (Calabasas, CA), University of Arizona School of Theatre Film & Television (Tucson, AZ), Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Theatre (Richmond, VA), Jefferson Performing Arts Society (Metairie, LA), Morgan-Wixson Theatre, (Santa Monica, CA), Highland Secondary School (Comax, BC), TADA Theater (Lincolon NE), UAB, Stephens Performing Arts Center (Birmingham, AL), Palos Verdes High School (Palos Verdes, CA), Stagecrafters, The Baldwin Theater (Royal Oak, MI), Sterling Productions, University of Regina, (Regina, Canada), San Pedro Theatre Club (San Pedro, CA), Saint Luke's (New Canaan, CT), Rogers Center for the Arts, Merrimack College (North Andover, MA), Prince Moo Productions (Melbourne, Australia) 33rd St. Productions (Chicago, IL), Middleton Players Theatre (Middleton, WI), Queen's Musical Theatre (Ontario, Canada), Lone Star College-North Harris (Houston, TX), Elgin Community College (Elgin, IL), Anacortes High School Theater Department (Anacortes, WA), Scottsdale Community College (Scottsdale, AZ), Salesian College Preparatory (Richmond, CA), Island Coast High School (Cape Coral, FL), Vince Carney Community Theatre (Dekalb, IL), Peddie School (Hightstown, NJ), Bush Creek Pavilion (Eagle, CO), Stockton University (Galloway, NJ), Sterling Productions (Sask Canada), Metropolis Performing Arts Centre (Arlington Heights, IL), The Orpheum Theatre (E Filer, ID), Pittsburgh Musical Theater (Pittsburgh, PA), New Village Arts (Carlsbad, CA)