Audrey II Rental Puppets

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Swazzle's full set of four professionally built Audrey II plant puppets are made out of lightweight, durable materials and designed with performance in mind.


For pricing and availability please visit and fill out a Request a Quote form.

Rental package includes:


Audrey II #1

hand puppet in pot

extending neck

approx 1 ½ feet long

Audrey II #2
hand puppet in pot

fake arm

Glove (jacket not included)

approx 2 feet long

Audrey II #3

large moving mouth puppet

open gullet for “eating” body parts

pot seat

animated vine legs

approx 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide

Audrey II #4

large moving mouth puppet

trap door style mouth for “eating” people

2 vines on base

approx 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide

Additional Items

Finale Flowers

4 Large flower masks

Baby Audrey II

6 pottled Audrey II plants


Shipping is available to venues in the United States. Shipping rates will vary based on your location. Local pickup is available for venues in Northern California.