Shrek the Musical Props: GINGY, Dragon, Bird, Pinocchio Nose, Fiona's Book, Freak Flag, RC Rats

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  • Shrek the Musical Gingy Puppet
  • Shrek the Musical - Dragon Puppet
  • Shrek the Musical - Dragon Puppet
  • Exploding bird for Shrek Muscial
  • Shrek-bird-prop-rental-rentals
  • Shrek the Musical Pinocchio Nose
  • Shrek the Musical Rats

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- Giant Dragon Puppet

- Gingy Puppet

- Pinocchio's Nose

- Exploding Bird

- Fiona's Tear Away Book

- RC Rats

- Freak Flag

These puppets and props were created for StageWorthy Arts, a theatrical design studio in McKinney, Texas. StageWorthy Arts is owned and operated by artist Melissa Patrello, whose studio creates one of a kind puppets, props and rentals for the stage.

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