Puppets for Disney's Frozen Jr.

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  • Olaf Puppet rental for frozen Jr the Musical
  • Sven Puppet Costume Frozen Jr The Musical.
  • Sven and Olaf Puppet Rentals for Frozen Jr
  • Sven Puppet for Frozen Jr the Musical
  • Sven Puppet Rental
  • Olaf Puppet Rental Frozen Jr The Musical
  • Sven and Olaf Puppet rentals for Frozen jr The Musical

Puppets for Disney's Frozen Jr. - Rental Puppets for Olaf and Sven

Custom built by StageWorthy Arts and now available to rent.

Snowman puppet for Olaf:

*Moveable eyes and mouth 

*Removeable carrot nose

*Ability to 'melt'

*Moveable arms to give warm hugs :) 

Wearable Puppet For Sven:

*Moveable head, mouth and eyes

Buildable Snowman Prop also available!

Contact: Rentals@stageworthyarts.com for more info 

or go to www.stageworthyarts.com to fill out a contact form. 

*Go to StageWorthyArts.com webpage for items available to rent for Disney's Frozen Jr