OLAF and SVEN puppet rental!

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  • Olaf Puppet rental for frozen Jr the Musical
  • Olaf Puppet Rental Frozen Jr The Musical
  • Sven Puppet Costume Frozen Jr The Musical.
  • Sven Puppet Rental
  • Sven and Olaf Puppet rentals for Frozen jr The Musical
  • Sven and Olaf Puppet Rentals for Frozen Jr
  • Sven Puppet for Frozen Jr the Musical

Snowman Puppet Requires one puppeteer who, with one hand, is able to open and close the eyes and mouth, as well as articulate the arms (so he can give warm hugs!). The Snowman also has the ability to ‘melt’ - since his body is made of soft foam that can be pushed down to appear as if it’s melting then quickly pop up and return to his original shape in seconds flat! For an extra bonus, his carrot nose is removable and can easily snap back into place, which is important if he needs to unlock any doors ;)! The Snowman puppet also comes with a stand to use for back-stage storage

The Wearable Caribou Puppet - This fun puppet requires one puppeteer who is able to move the caribou’s head freely, open and close the eyes and mouth... and bite off a carrot nose, should the opportunity present itself! The caribou’s head is complete with a full neck mane, to conceal the puppeteer's arms) and additional caribou costume pieces, such as ankle wraps, a waist wrap and hooves (shoe-covers), for the puppeteer to transform their legs and body into a caribou!

The Buildable Snowman Toy Set -  (not pictured in photos but available to view at www.StageWorthyArts.com) The ‘Little Bit of You’ Buildable Snowman Set is made of a game board, two blocks, a ball, boat, and a knitted hat and connect with the use of magnets to make a look-a-like snowman friend * 30" tall when assembled


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