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  • Mary Poppins scenery rental parlor - Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • Mary Poppins scenery rental rooftops- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • Mary Poppins scenery rental park- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • Mary Poppins scenery rental Talking Shop- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • Mary Poppins scenery rental Bank- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • Mary Poppins scenery rental nursery- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • Mary Poppins scenery rental kitchen- Stagecraft Theatrical - 800-499-1504
  • THE PARLOR - Made up of 3 individual wagon units with two optional flying extenders
  • NURSERY - 2 wagon half's come together to make the completed nursery
  • KITCHEN- Other side of the parlor side units come together to make the kitchen wagons.
  • ROOFTOP - 1 large rooftop unit, 1 smaller side unit w/ chimney, 1 chimney roof-line unit & a rooftop cyc projection
  • PARK - 1 bench on pallet, 1 20'x40' park drop, 1 pedestal
  • BANK - 4 rolling teller windows & 1 flying header (optional)
  • TALKING SHOP - 2 counters and flying rear wall of shelves
  • CHERRY LANE CROSSOVER - 2 hard legs
  • SOFT LEGS - 20'x 6' each, hand painted with brick column and house units
  • 2 DROPS - 20' x 40' each, Cherry Hill & the Park

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This Mary Poppins set rental was built in late 2018. It borrows its design and inspiration from the Broadway show, the Mary Poppins movie and of course, 1900's London. The set is up to 40' but can be played more narrowly down to 30' wide. It is 16' tall and between 15' and 22' deep, depending on configuration. The depth depends on how one lays out the pieces. The set boasts the required magic including the table, magic nightstands and cupboards.

The Mary Poppins set rental includes all of scenes from the Broadway show including the parlor, the nursery, the rooftop, the kitchen, the park, the bank, the Talking' Shop and Cherry Lane.

This Mary Poppins set is designed for medium to large stages and to make an impression. It is now available for rental from Stagecraft Theatrical.

Stagecraft Theatrical's Mary Poppins rental set travels in just one 53' tractor trailer. The ability to fit in one trailer saves clients an average of $4,000 over comparable set rentals. 

For more pictures and information about Mary Poppins set please visit our Mary Poppins website 

• Professional Scenery - Our sets are designed by professionals and are designed to travel and be set back up. This is unlike many other rentals out there that were designed to go together only once but keep getting reassembled. 

 • Rent from Professional company -that only provides scenery and costumes - Stagecraft's focus is solely on its customers. We don’t present shows or have to worry about board meetings. We only think about scenery, costumes and our customers.    


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