Enchanted Rose

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  • Enchanted Rose
  • Rose without Done

This piece of magic floral is designed to light up and drop petals on cue. It can be controlled over your own DMX run with the supplied wireless transmitter and receiver, or you can option to rent our DMX controller for a wireless remote control operation. The roses are painted in a brilliant red paint that glow when the lights in the base come on.

Features include:

  • Removable 24" tall acrylic dome to house the rose
  • Remotely and locally controlled petal drop
  • Remotely and locally controlled UV LED lighting
  • Stand alone, battery powered system (charger included) so there are no need for ANY wires (control, power, or otherwise). It can be placed on any flat surface within 100' of the transmitter!  Direct DMX input and power supply can also be used if wireless is not necessary. 

Make this a magical addition to your production.