Audrey II Puppets

Audrey II Puppets

Feed your need for Audrey II plants with our professionally designed puppets. 

Renting or building the diabolical plants required for Little Shop of Horrors has long been a factor in whether or not to produce the show.  Fortunately, Audrey II plants are available to rent for the length of your run from MTI.  All four plants — from seedling to psychopath — are included.

Based on Martin P. Robinson’s original designs, but utilizing new lightweight materials, these new Audrey II plants weigh almost half as much as their predecessors.

How it Works

Plants will arrive two weeks prior to the first performance and include one (1) performance week. Rental is only guaranteed with full payment and a signed contract, and is based on availability. A Plant Rental Contract will be sent to you only after your dates have been checked and a plant is available for rental. Rental is for Plants only and does not include the final drop (for "Don’t Feed the Plants"). Blueprints for construction of this drop are included.

Audrey II Puppet Rentals


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August 01, 2016
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