Spectacular Beauty And The Beast enchanted rose, mirror, props and costumes

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  • Enchanted mirror
  • Enchanted mirror
  • Beauty and the beast costumes
  • Chip cart
  • Beast and Belle

I have everything you could ever need to boost your production of "Beauty And The Beast" to the next level.  Here is a list and description of the items we have available.  

Please text me at 858-361-0708 or email littlewasserman@hotmail.com for videos/more pictures, better quality pictures, information or questions 

Enchanted rose: this large and amazing prop sits on a real French table and is covered with a huge bell jar. This rose not only changes color with fiber optic lighting, but also drops 2 petals by remote control. Can't get it to link a video so copy/paste this to see one        https://youtu.be/Gx4aahosSP0
*****Due to the complexity and delicate nature of the rose, it can only be rented in southern CA where I can deliver and set it up myself.

Enchanted mirror: An amazing piece which emits color changing lights all at the undetectable control of the actor.

Chip cart: a wonderful cart with teacup head piece which gives the illusion of just the cup sitting on top.

library drop: beautiful 20'X40' library drop 

Costumes:  Weoffera full set of high quality costumes to outfit every part, even with a large cast.