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  • Tootsie


Full Plot Available:

Various colourful street clothing Men and Women

Jeff: various plaid shirts and retro t shirts

Restaurant aprons

Loud Dresses for Sandy - Various

Various pant suits for Rita

Michael    Dorothy    

Lilac with white blouse and jacket

Lilac Plaid Jacket

Rehearsal skirt with apron

Shakespeare Gown

Gold Taffeta 50’s Dress

Purple Dress

Black and Blue Dress

Red Sequin Gown

Ladies Blue Trench

2 Tootsie Wigs

Deep Purple Robe with feather boa detailing

Burgundy velvet Dress for finale Arriverdeci with matching fascinator

Brooklyn Sweatshirt

Pleather Jacket

Various shirts



Shakespeare Gown

White Taffeta 50’s Gown

Various sweaters/blouses



Various Velcro shirts to tear open


Shakespeare Rehearsal

7 Regency Dresses with Ribbon

7 Shakespeare Tunics and tights with codpieces

6 Shakespeare dresses velcro to reveal colourful 50’s dresses with matching gloves and fascinators

6 Shakespeare robes with tassels and decor reveal to colourful shirts, jackets, pants and matching fedoras


Gone Gone Gone

6 short stretchy black glitter dresses with one arm

Julie: Black pant suit one arm


Most Important Night of My Life

Various outfits