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  • Grosh Backdrops and Drapery Forest Panel 2 for productions of Shrek, Wizard of Oz and Sleeping Beauty,The Lion King
  • Grosh Backdrops of Gates of Duloc is used in productions of Shrek
  • Grosh Backdrops of Shrek's House used in the show Shrek

Make your stage production of Shrek true to the film with Grosh Backdrops and Drapery a collection of Shrek-themed images. Choose from the different castle, swamp, and village backdrops  to give your event or production that unique quirkiness that only this modern fairytale can bring.

When the Scheming Lord Farquaad sends all sorts of fairytale creatures to the swamp of the great green Ogre, Shrek, the Ogre must set out with a very annoying donkey by his side to convince Farquaad to give him his swamp back but instead a deal is made.  Shrek and donkey then set out to save Farquaad's future bride from a ferocious dragon. 


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