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  • Grosh New York Street  backdrop used in productions of Annie,Madagascar and Guys and Dolls
  • Grosh Tropical Beach Backdrops used in productions of Guys and Dolls
  • Grosh Backdrops Save a Soul Mission Backdrop used in the production of Guys and Dolls
  • Grosh Backdrops Sewer Backdrop used in Productions of Guys and Dolls

Take your audience to the glittering streets of Manhattan, the balmy nightclubs of Havana, and the sewers of New York with Grosh Backdrops made especially for the 1950 classic musical Guys and Dolls.

We have hundreds of backdrops that you can choose from—from those depicting iconic New York locations like 5th Avenue, Broadway, and Times Square to those portraying Cuban-inspired themes. We have backdrops showing the Manhattan skyline, tropical beaches, nightclubs, sewers, and various stylized designs.

Guys and Dolls is a madcap romantic comedy tells of the lives of New York City’s petty criminals and professional gamblers in the 1950s. Nathan Detroit, a gambler, is out to get funding so that he can set up the largest craps game in the city, even as the police tries to foil his plans. Meanwhile, the showgirl Adelaide—Nathan’s fiancé of 14 years— bemoans that they’ve been engaged for too long. One night, she asks him, as she has done many times before, to go down to the city hall so that they can finally get married.

To get the money, Nathan turns to another gambler, Sky Masterson, who is willing to bet on anything for the right amount of dough. Nathan proposes a $1,000 bet by which Sky must take a doll (a girl) of Nathan’s choosing to a date in Havana, Cuba. Hilarity ensues when Nathan chooses Sarah Brown, a prim and proper missionary girl.


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