Music Man Costume Rental - 3 wks for one low rate!

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Seventy Six trombones led the big parade...

And that parade will be leading right to your theater in our costumes! We've been costuming stages nationwide since 1974, with a track record that proves our abilities.

Hiring a professional costumer saves you time, uncertainty and money while still giving you flexibility in designing your shows. The award-winning team at Mardi Gras Costume Shop can deliver what you need,
from a single piece to an entire wardrobe. 

Mardi Gras Costume Shop has a full slate of costumes for The Music Man (and many other shows), renting anything from a single piece or even the entire production! Renting our costumes makes a lot of sense, because:

* You get better-quality costumes for less money than if you built them yourself

* No long-term storage worries or costs

* We customize to your specific measurements. No hoping you'll be able to make something fit.

* We include cleaning in the rental price; you just unpack them and perform!

* Rent for three days, three weeks or anything in between for the same low price, while other shops charge weekly.

* Time in transit is FREE! Your rental period starts when you receive the costumes!

Visit our website for many other exciting productions ncluding Beauty and the Beast, Anything Goes and more! Plus, with over 27,000 costumes to choose from, we're sure to have something for practically every production.

Call, email, or visit our full theatrical retail and rental shop in Scottsdale. Give us the opportunity to give you a bid and to collaborate on your upcoming shows. Let us demonstrate why so many other theaters
and schools look to Mardi Gras Costume Shop for their costume needs, and why they have abandoned their in-house build staff, volunteer designers and expensive storage spaces by letting Mardi Gras Costume Shop do what we do best: giving peace of mind to producers and directors by delivering on time and within budget.

Call us or e-mail; we'd be thrilled to work with you.

(480) 948-4030