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Moana Props for Sale

Maui Hooks - $200.  Regular size hook made of fabric, giant hook made of foam.  We used giant hook as fun reveal when Te Fiti restores the hook.  Cool effect!

Giant Hawk Wings - $150.  Made of foam, worn like sleeves.  Easy on-stage instant transformation to hawk.  Glitter looks great under lights!

Kakamora Warrior Face Costumes - $200 for set of 9.  Fabric tunics with unique faces on each, velcro on back for easy costume addition.  Spears with fabric & feather arrowheads.  

Tamatoa & Claws - $200 super shiny!  Crab shell worn like backpack.  Made of  purple & gold fabric & pvc structure.  Listing for shell, claws and eyes headband (other pieces not available)

Near Orlando, FL for pickup or additional shipping.