Thoroughly Modern Mille Desks, phones, typewriters

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Thoroughly Modern Millie was one of my very favorite shows to choreograph, direct and costume.  However, It was a beast.  Very expensive.  I have purposely kept up my collection to be able to make it easier for other directors to complete their needs for this show with the desks that roll, typewriters and stick phones. I have 13 desks. Bonus:  All the costumes created for this show styled after the broadway show.  I am a dancer and these are made to move in, for the stenogs especially.

These package is affordable but gets booked very quick, especially come March.  You may need the desks an extra week to rehearse your dancers.  So please, if you are interested, contact me now.  I will need your dates and location to send you any information on rentals and delivery, etc.

I am so happy to pass these savings on to the theater community.  I have worked in the private and public schools as a drama teacher, director and choreographer for over 25 years.

If you are on Long Island, Suffolk County, I am in the BOCES Arts-in-Ed catalogue to rent from me as well.

Have a great season of theater everyone!!

Musically Yours,