Millie Costumes-Full Lot & desks

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Thoroughly Modern Millie

I am happy to rent to you my full lot of Millie costumes designed and created with love.

I directed, choreographed and costumed this show and I know it demands so much.

I want to ease that burden and pass on all my hard work to make your show a success for you.  Make it a bit easier and save you the expense.  It is alot I know.

I also have 13 rolling desks, stick phones and typewriters.  

I am probably the least expensive one in town because I am all about the kids and theater.  I have worked in schools with no budget and fortunately with big budgets. Yet, it never seems like enough.

Generally the costumes go from $5-$60, rarely more.  I would have to customize and make a brand new design for anythng higher.

The stenog dresses were made to move freely with- by a choreographer, thats me!

I give great rates and book often and early.  Please let me know if you're interested...

I need to know when your show is and your location to give you any estimates.

I hope you have an amazing theatrical season this year!  I am here at your service.  Ask me any questions and I will do what I can to help your production be the best it can be.  I also have costumes for many other shows.

Musically Yours,