Donkey Pot Pie?

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January 3, 2017
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I don't see this song on the song list. Is it available to purchase the rights separately?
1 Answer

January 26, 2017
"It's another day inside the Dragons keep"... Hi! So the song Donkey Pot Pie was removed (sadly) from Shrek the Musical..... BUT it was replaced with a way more swankier, disco, pop song named "Forever". It was removed after the show 's finished its phenomal run in New York and started their run of the National Tour. Although it's not a part of the Original Cast Performance Album, it can still be purchased sepretley on ITunes! Forever still perfectly captures the essence of the scene, and the audience is still captivated and left in awe as the larger than life fire breathing dragon takes the stage by storm. The song is now only sung by one person.... BUT you are capable of adding back up vocalist as "Dragonetes"! Hope you have a Shrektacular day!!!