RehearScore can't be heard

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February 25, 2022
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I'm in my second day of using the RehearScore for our production of Legally Blonde. After rehearsal, I could not hear anything from the app. I restarted the app and no change. I rebooted my iPhone 6S+ (OS 14.6) and the app still was inaudible. I could hear other apps just fine. Solution?

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March 4, 2022

Hi! If you’re using Apple products, your sound toggle on the phone’s left hand side (or bell icon on the iPad screen) needs to be switched to RING. Most websites and apps will still play sound even when that switch in VIBRATE mode, alas, RehearScore does need it on at present. Meaning, even if YouTube or Spotify is playing and your sound is all the way up, that does not mean that your sound toggle is on. We’re working on that. So make sure the ringer itself (or the bell icon on iPads) is turned on and that should fix your issue.