Ragtime: synth programming?

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August 15, 2009
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Ragtime materials include 2 alternate keyboard books, to be used with a module supposedly available (separately) from Music Arts Technologies. Each of the two books we got gives a different address and contact info for this company, and neither seems to be any good.Does anybody know anything about this company, or any other available preprogrammed modules, or effective programming, for Ragtime?
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July 4, 2011
Well, I got a definitive answer, but it wasn't satisfying: that company had gone out of business, and we had to create our own patches for our fall 2009 production of Ragtime. However, another company, Realtime Music Solutions, is now providing computer-based patches for several MTI and R&H shows, although not, unfortunately, for Ragtime. We are currently using their product for the three synth books for Aida, and are pleased with the result: good sounds and incredible ease of use.

Did you ever get a satisfactory answer to this question? I'm doing the show this summer and am in the same predicament. Thanks. MaestroDAR@aol.com